Joint research

We take an ALife-informed approach to work with client firms and research institutions to consider the scope and subject of research and work in conjunction with Alternative Machine, Inc.’s research partners. Research generally spans between six months to at most five years. The deliverables take the form of articles and books, with some research resulting in artwork and prototypes, among other output.

Joint development of products and services

We help incorporate ALife in the early conceptualization and design stages of products and services, developing them jointly with partners so as to allow them to make use ALife theory and the latest in information technology. This process generally takes between six months to two years. We develop products not just on a standalone basis, but also web services and backend systems to go with them.

ALIFE Engine License

This is a dynamics generation engine informed by ALife and information theories. It is responsible for creating lifelike movement. Movement here refers not to physical or mechanical movement, such as that of the limbs or face, but rather information and timing detected by humans, such as flickering light or sound, or messages. This technology is implemented in the Alter 3 android, which was first released in February 2019. Today, development is underway on the next version of the ALIFE Engine.


Contact us for more information about joint research projects, product development, consulting, and other inquiries, as well as requests for lectures and interviews.