This project provides an intervention algorithm for activating fan community services on the Internet through collaboration with QON Inc. Here, we regard fan community services as a biological ecosystem and have developed an algorithm.

An important concept in biological ecosystems is the “keystone species”. A keystone species is a small population of a species, but when it is gone, the balance of the entire ecosystem is It refers to a species that makes a big impact, such as a large collapse. It refers to a species that has a large impact, such as a large collapse. If we compare them to coastal organisms, sea otters and starfish are reported to be keystone species. We wondered if we have also seen that keystone species exist and have a role to play in activating services.

Therefore, we define content that is responsible for the overall activation of the service, even if it is not popular or well-known in its own right, as keystone species in community media, and combine it with a recommendation algorithm for autonomous and sustainable community management.




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